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The American Dream

by Cody Smith


I have to say that I was very surprised to see some of the reactions to my song American Dreams. It was not what I expected when I wrote a song about a young couple in our great country. But it seems that some people don't think our country is great. All they see is racism, income inequality and oppression. If these were truly the defining characteristics of America then this would not be the great nation that it is. But the fact is: America is the greatest nation this planet has ever known. The United Sates of America has provided more freedom and opportunity for more people of every race, color, religion, gender, sexual preference, and every other demographic group than any nation in the history of the world. In my music I honor that accomplishment, pay tribute and tell  stories (real and fictional) of people who have enjoyed and embraced that freedom.  





I wrote the song American Dreams to tell a story about two people from different parts of the country who find themselves, find each other and live the American Dream. The reaction by some liberals has been unexpected and completely irrational. I like to think that my music can appeal to lots of different people although I recognize that, realistically, it will appeal to white people over the age of 25. Still, there is absolutely nothing in my music that I would consider even remotely offensive or even politically incorrect. Still, some people have complained and commented. I was not expecting to see comments on social media such as "Die", "Kill yourself", or "Why don't you just shut up and go away". All I did was write some songs that I felt might entertain or even inspire, and then let people listen to them for free.  


Some of the controversy revolves around the use of the phrase "man and wife". Liberals seem to have two problems with this concept. First of all, the idea of a man and 'his' wife is considered sexist. To me this is just a traditional way of talking about marriage, and it is an adaptation of a traditional phrase from wedding ceremonies. The other thing that gets Liberals upset is even more surprising. In the song, the young couple gets married, finds work, makes a home and then starts a family. This order of events was intentional when I wrote the song because that was how the vast majority of couples traditionally lived their lives. It seems to have worked well for several generations and millions of families. And yet, liberals believe this is offensive and judgemental to people who choose not to get married or have children before they have the ability to support those families. 


Yes, there are different versions of the American Dream. I do not expect it to have exactly the same meaning for recent immigrants as it does for a Harvard student. However, there are some common themes which include the rights and freedoms recognized in the Constitution, family values, and nations history. Some people on the Far Left seem to have a completely different idea of what the American Dream is although it is hard to make sense of their ramblings and some ideas change with to match the current Liberal beliefs.


I believe the American Dream is about such things as family, hard work, freedom and making a good life for yourself. How exactly you define it may be influenced by your goals and circumstances. But Liberals seem to think that it is more about what government can do for you than what you can do for yourself. What do you think?

Listen to American Dreams on the player below and hear the song that has Liberals so upset. You may also like the inspirational song The Mountain.

Download The Mountain and American Dreams for free:

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